I’m not someone who’s keen or interested in politics except that it’s a requirement to study political science for sociology. BUT I know what you did for making education a compulsory so that everyone has the chance for UPWARD SOCIAL MOBILITY, for woman to be respected/protected/honored in Singapore, for schools to be safe & parents do not have to worry about crazy gun massive killing, for Singaporeans to have the “knowledge” & “freedom” to voice and share different political/religious views openly, for night streets to be safe to roam/loiter in, for an ordinary girl like me to have the chance to pursue my dream instead of being robbed the chance if we were still a 2nd or 3rd world country. You deserved my respect for all that you have done for our home. Within ONE generation, you elevated our living standard, the position woman holds in this country & indeed, from third to first world. 

The love story of you and your wife, they taught me a huge lesson in life. Through the love that you have with her, it shows how you are a man of your word & you don’t just talk the talk but you walk the walk. 

Western view: Marry the woman you love. Eastern view: Love the woman you marry. Embrace both, that’s what you taught us.

No man is perfect, you did the best you could for this little red dot & we did what we could to honor you for the past 1 week. Mr Lee Kuan Yew, 一路好走, you’ll be remembered as long as Singapore is around. And you’ll always be that hero in my heart, I’ll tell your story to my children & if I have the chance, my children’s children. 

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