Dr Lee Kuan Yew


Apart from Jesus, the other hero in my heart is Dr Lee Kuan Yew. Of course he’s not God and cannot be compared with God, but he’s definitely someone that deserves all our respect. The best politician I’ve ever seen and studied about. His ability to foresee and grow a nation, you can never find another like him. His dedication to Singapore, how he remains so humble and lead such a simple life, not many leaders at his level with his power & influence can do it. Not forgetting his love for his wife, he showed us that true love exist, 63 years of blissful marriage. 


On 25th March 2015, queued 4.5 hours just to pay my respect to him. If you are asking if it’s worth it, nothing I do can thank this man enough for the country and home he has founded and created for me. Singapore is indeed home for me, no other places can be compared to this. 

Sir, thanks for being the hero that we needed 50 years ago to bring us into where we are today. I’m eternally grateful and in future when I have kids, I’ll share with them how you built this nation up.

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