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Fantastic FEB

Finally tried Arteastiq with the girls for my belated birthday celebration. The ambience is really good for girls catchup especially with the wide selection of tea and not forgetting the “World best mushroom soup” which totally lives up to its name. The Foie Gras with egg was nice too but I prefer it to be serve slightly warmer. I wanted to try the cakes but most of the popular cakes were out of stock and we didn’t get to try any signature dessert. 

Went back to the Zichar stall at Yishun BLK232 twice because their special thai sauce fish head was very delicious. They are one of the few places that served the rare raw Teo Chew  fish Yu Sheng! 

Had Ding Tai Feng with Boo as our reunion lunch and to satisfy the craving for Chinese food ever since I’m back from Europe. Chilli, I can’t survive for too long without them. That explains why I finished my cup noodles halfway through the trip because I have that craving for Chilli and soup. I’m not as potato as I expected myself to be, at least not in my food preference. 

Finally tried Godiva Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with the birthday voucher from the company! So sinful yet delicious, I hope I can resist this temptation.

On the last weekend of February, the cell group went for reunion lunch follow by gaming time at a cafe! We had so much fun playing the games and using our imagination to win this “rabbit race”!

The amount of yu-sheng I had with the team/department is scary! Chinese New Year is eat & eat festive at work, not complaining but the amount of fats that I put on, sigh! 

Went to this Marutama Ramen place with my colleague at Killiney road, so much love for Japanese food especially for something so authentic. This bowl of “All In” ramen cost me $18.90, totally worth the price because it consist of lots of seaweed, big pieces of Char Siew, thick pieces of pork meat & not forgetting the done to perfect Lava egg. 

I almost forgot that I had the Groupon voucher 八度空间, an eatery that sells Taiwan cuisine. The food tasted really normal and I won’t pay full price for them because I feel they are very overpriced. Thank God for the voucher, we only paid half the price instead. And no, I’ll not go back this place again. 

Ordered this Lotus Secret Bun Golden Pillows with the FoodPandaSg voucher that I won on Instagram competition! Shared it with my cousins, momma and uncle! I love Fammie time especially with people that I hold close to heart. 

And for 3 consecutive lunch, I went to Bradell to have the delicious duck noodle followed by Creamier with 3 different group of colleagues. What a sinful lunch I had.

And lastly, not forgetting my #OOTD:

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