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Madrid: Barcelona, Europe 2015(Part Four)

Madrid welcomed us with a protest. The metro station that we were supposed to stop at to go to our hotel was closed and we had to find alternate route. We ain’t very certain what was happening with the closure of station and noise outside the metro station. It was quite a chaotic scene in the metro with a lot of police around the station and loud cheering outside the metro. We braved our way and walked out to see what was happening. It was quite a sight as protest was never allow in Singapore and we were quite excited to experience it first hand. Somehow, while walking towards our hotel, we were somehow pushed into the protest crowd and had to push our luggage to find our hotel for a good 15 minutes.



We were feeling very tired after all the traveling and experience with walking among the crowd. Dinner was settled at a cafe near our hotel and the food was the worst we ever had, not even worth taking photos at all.

The next day we had to wake up early for one day trip to Segovia. This day trip was booked via and once again, we were very satisfied with it. We need to report to the travel agency at 8.30am where we boarded a luxury coach bus to Segovia, which is about 1.5 hours away from Madrid town.


We slept the moment the bus set off but halfway through the journey, I felt very cold and this coldness woke me up and the scenery outside the bus window shocked and surprised me.





When we alighted the bus, we felt the coldness but thank God I was well prepared with Merino Wool inner wear and a duck feather jacket. It was cold beyond words can describe but at least it’s more bearable than the previous winter trip I had. We had to walk a distance to a few places and all the church/barsilica we visited were without heater, imagine how disappointed we were when we thought there’s shelter & heat. But still, the beautiful place made up for it.









After the walk that seems to take forever because of the coldness walking with snow falling, it’s time to have our authentic Spanish lunch with the long awaited Spanish Suckling pig. Lunch was really good especially with the free flow of suckling pig that will usually cost about SGD50.00 for a small piece in authentic Spanish restaurant? I had a total of 4 big pieces! The bread from this restaurant was really nice too, best bread for the whole trip!






After filling our stomach, it was time to walk and this time round to Alcazar Castle which is known as the Snow White Castle or School of Royal knights. This is a very interesting place because Walt Disney drew Snow White’s castle according to this and in the medieval time, this is where Man were being train into knights.













The whole place was so beautiful and photos could not do any justice to it. Love country sides with a rich history like Segovia, so glad we paid for this day trip, totally worth every cent paid. And before we return back to Madrid, we tried to capture snow but failed. Only managed to capture 1 before it melted on my jacket and I’m so amazed that snow is really in snow shape!


We were so tired after the whole day trip that we went back our hotel to rest and ate the last cup noodle that we had. That night, I was so glad to be hiding in my blanket but still, I had a sweet dream of dancing in the snow like how I did during day time in Segovia. Today, it was a dream come true to see snow falling from the sky!

The next day was shopping day in Madrid. The shopping area is around Vol De Sol which is around our hotel area. There wasn’t much that we bought because of a full luggage due to winter. And we were quite tire so we ended the day early at 5pm before packing KFC back to our hotel for dinner! I really miss soaking in hot water watching my drama in the hotel. And yes, I miss Madrid especially Segovia a lot. But we had a morning flight to catch at 9am to Milan. Bye Spain, I’ll definitely be back again some time again.

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