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Blessed 2015

God is really good and like you always hear pastor say this: You can be poor today but with Christ you’ll never be poor for life/You can be in depression or difficult situation today but with Christ you’ll be set free.

During schooling period, my Momma was very protective and doesn’t allow me to do any part time job despite my protests. She will provide for everything that I wanted and I’m really blessed with a Momma who loves me the way she does and give the best to me. I started my online business at the age of 19 and it was successful looking at the amount I’ve earned in the 4 years. I enjoyed the teaching that I’m doing as well as, it’s always a joy to see the kids face lighted up after they learned or achieved milestones in class. But I’ve decided to give teaching and online business up because I wanted to experience how it was having a corporate life. That was the year 2008 when recession was happening and with just a diploma, I managed to get a good paying job after graduation from bible school and blessed with many opportunities in that company which I stayed for 3.5 years. I moved on to a higher post in another company with a 30% pay jump and got exposed to bigger opportunities. But I felt not satisfied and life doesn’t seem to be fulfilling with just earning money. I’ve experienced my share of heartbreaks in politics and backstab, there are nights when I cried after being “betrayed” by “friends at work”. That’s when I decided to chase after my dream and started my double degree in psychology and sociology.

It was tough having to handle school and work especially at the age of 26 where everyone around you are working hard to climb that ladder and earn their first “million”! That’s when I made a choice to give up on that career and find a simple job that pays me enough to fund my school fees and expenses because I want to excel in my studies. I don’t want to study for the sake of it, I want to spend time and gain as much knowledge as I can. And if time and money permits, I want to do my masters as well. The first “simple job” was a disaster that lasted for 8 months and I’m glad I’ve moved on to my current “not-so-simple” job which I enjoyed a lot because of nice manager and colleagues. Despite the fact that they are much much simpler job compared to the career I had, I wasn’t shortchanged too much in my salary and blessings are coming in every now and then.

I told God during building fund that I can no longer give to him big amounts like I used to give because of big bonus and pay cheque but this small amount that I had was a big percentage of what I’m having. And I know God sees the heart and every year when I sacrificed and fulfilled them, God will provide more than what I needed. Friends around tend to know me as someone who is generous and I admit that I’m very giving to friends closed to me especially the girlfriends that I have. I’ll try to make occasions like Christmas, their birthday or even Valentine’s Day special with little act of love. No matter how much I give, they will out give me and blessings just flow in. God always make sure you can’t out give him.

I’m thankful that at this age, I’ve traveled and get to see the world more than some of my peers and I’m not taking things like this for granted. I’m not rich neither is my family filthy rich. Every now and then, I’ll heard how people assume that my family is very rich and they are giving me all the money I need to do what I wanted. I’ll just laugh it off because they have not seen how hard I worked for my online business or career and how mad I was when it comes to saving back then. Perhaps I’m feeling very relax when it comes to job now, not much expectation because I know my career will only start again after I’ve gotten my degree, for now all I really want is a simple job. And to be honest, it irritates me a lot when people say things like “Aiya you’re rich don’t need to work or save like us” or “You should save and not spend with no financial planning at all” or “It’s for your own good, stop traveling so much” or whatever that is trying to judge me without knowing much. I’ll smile it off because that’s the right thing anybody with EQ will do but I’ll keep my distance away from somebody like this because it shows me how judgmental you are and I’ll never want to be close to a person like this. If I can save within 3 years and paid off $40,000.00 for a grand event in my life, travelled so many times for the past 3 years, enjoy good food, blessed my family and friends the best I can WITHOUT any DEBTs, what rights do you have to judge or make such comments. Of course I do save as and when i have extra cash but with my current job, I can’t save as much as I could when I’m having a career but I’m alright and comfortable with that. And I tend to buy clothing and sell them off if I don’t see that I’ll get the chance to wear them often. Not forgetting the vouchers and blessings God always provide like how twice a year my Momma will have D&D and she will always win vouchers and blessed me with them, the vouchers I redeemed with points from membership and all. And never for once do I take any of this for granted because I know they don’t just happen out of nothing, it’s blessings from God.

End of 2013 and 2014 is a heart breaking year for me and it’s through this that I’ve seen how blessed I am with friends and family who loved me the way I am. Many have seen the worse and ugly side of me, how I made wrong decisions, how I chose to let my heart be broken, how I fell into depression and locked myself in my room and how I cried like nobody’s business. I shut myself from everybody but they just kept coming and being there, walked this path of recovery with me and never once let me feel I’m all alone. These are what money cannot buy and these are true relationships tested in times of trials and tribulations. No matter how rich you are, you can never buy friends like this because the currency of all these relationships is LOVE.

We are at the start of 2015 and I know that it’ll be another blessed year. Not because of what I’ll be doing but because of what God will be doing in my life. I met people who come to me and say that they envy my life and wish to trade theirs with mine. What they did not see is the heartache and hard work I’ve put in. And more than that, many do not know how great a God I’m following. Growing up in church, just like the song goes, “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back”! I know God is real, he performs so many miracles in my life and blessed me with so much. And his presence, he never leave me, not a moment.

So God, I would like to thank you in advance for all that you’ll be doing in 2015 for me, I know this will be the best year yet to be that you prepared for me and I’m feeling so blessed.

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