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Wheerler’s Yard









Tucked in a quiet corner of Singapore, it’s a little inaccessible if you don’t drive. Just a word of cautious for driver, there isn’t a lot of parking lots available so you can choose to park at the small shopping mall nearby. The reason why we drove over is to take photo with the blue front gate and the bikes there. Read a lot of reviews on the food and we find that the price tag is a little too high for what they are offering. We ended up sharing a salmon salad which turns out to be nicer than expected. The bottle Pink Ginger tasted far better than the coffee, I would highly suggest getting the bottled drinks instead of home-made. Will I be back again? Definitely No! Once is enough and this place is off my checklist for photo taking.

Wheeler’s Yard
28 Lorong Ampas, 328781
6254 9128

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