Shashlik Restaurant

I’m surprised to find this hidden gem in Far East Shopping Center, definitely worth another visit.



Soft bread being served with my favourite salty butter, for a non-bread person, this bread tasted good enough for me to finish up the whole thing.

Home-made mushroom soup tasted very normal, not up to my standard. I’m a mushroom lover so my standard for anything mushroom is quite high.

Fresh mushroom tasted so much better than the fresh mushroom soup but this small serving dish costs $6.00 makes me feel that it’s a little overpriced.

Egg Millionaire, very unique dish presentation, it’s basically hard-boiled egg smashed into small pieces and being put into the egg shell.

This cheese oyster tasted very raw because they used a very light cheese instead of the normal mozzarella. Not worth a try, I prefer either fresh oyster or those with mozzarella.

Garlic escargot tasted very normal, nothing much to rave or complain about. Can give it a miss unless you are craving for escargots.

Legendary Shashlik beef, definitely worth trying especially if you are a beef lover. The beef is being served on a hot plate and I loved to watch the beef sizzled.

Shashlik chicken, tasted very blend and the chicken seems a little tough for our loving.


They have the legendary Baked Alaska where they pour rum over the cream cake. Not my kind of dessert because of the amount of cream it has, instead I love their banana split. Prepared a New York cheesecake from High Society for wenyi’s birthday.




Happy birthday Mama, thanks for all the love and care that you have given to us, we really love you a lot and felt so blessed to have you.

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