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In order so it happens…..

Gathering that we planned for 3 years before it actually happened! Love the home-cooked food by Huizhen and the time spent catching up and playing monopoly deal. 
Sunday spent with my +1, scored myself a craftholic because of amandasmile! 
On a random weekday in office, loves the new flowery necklace & pompom skirt! Had banana muffin made with love from my manager. 
Look who’s in office! Baby Samatha came and paid us a visit. She’s such a darling.
Baby sitter my darling and had Koh Grill with KOR & Jie! Loves spending time with them, they are irreplaceable in my life. 
Spent Saturday morning with momma before spending the rest of the day with Boo-JIE! Can’t believe I had 5 meals that day, how not to grow fat?! 
Spent Sunday travelling around before heading to find Caius, he has grew so much but he’s still too young to play with me. Can’t wait for him to grow up more. 
F1 chill-out at work! Who don’t love a work place which has so many events?
Attended Maoshun & Anna’s wedding, happy to see my old friend got married. Had a great time catching up with friends over wedding and playing with Michela! 
Changed into something more casual after the wedding for a gathering with my colleagues before rushing off for another event. Felt like a superwoman flying all over. 

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