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Sinful prawn with drama, love this combination so much!
Hai Di Lao-ed birthday celebration for my hubby, loved catching up over lunch with friends.
Things we do in office to plant a smile on a colleague’s face.
Farewell lunch for Boo, loved the food at FiKa, their meatball won iKea by quite a bit. Enjoyed the farewell lunch with jokes & laughter, really love my team with all the nice people.
Home-cooked soup, trying to be healthy!
Patesserie-G with my +1, their free range egg with mushroom & salmon is love but the price is a little overpriced.
Went back to Tanjong Pagar for my favourite porridge.
Hai Di Lao-ed again, so in love with this steamboat place. Had a great time catching up with them too!
Catch up with mummy-Shine at Sun with Moon, love their Japanese food even thou it’s slightly pricey.
Boo’s farewell, office will be different without her on Monday onwards.
R2D2, my new toy.
Attended a course on memory! Nothing much learnt, just some basic concepts.
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