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Little form of Happiness

My favourite snacks in office but I finished them all, who knows where to get more?!
Back to work after Bangkok trip, so hard to settle in with the next holiday being so far away. I’m surviving from one holiday to another.
Sneaked out in the midst of rushing assignments to meet my dearie for brunch at Benjamin Browns, a hidden gem at Forum. Went to have our nails done and I’m so in love with my daisy. 
Last Sunday was well spent with my Cell group catching Guardian of the Galaxy, I love Groot. Went to find my axel boy for dinner and pass them their gifts from Bangkok. Love my happy pill so much, can’t stop hugging and kissing him. Can you please stop growing up??
My cactus in office has grew within a short span of 6 weeks, there’s a new pair of rabbit year on each side of the rabbit year, such a cute plant.
$3.80 Nasi Lemak at Lavendar food market when ACE IT went on excursion to prepare for national day programme.
Packed goodie bag with all the childhood toy for our FCs, it was a fun process. We ended up playing with them as well.
Teo Chew Porridge feast before cell group.
Selfie with my beloved N119, I really love my cell group a lot. 

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