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Bangkok, Thailand 2014

Date: 26th July 2014
Location: Changi Airport Terminal One
Destination: To Bangkok via SQ
Location: Bangkok International Airport
Destination: Take the registered license cab to our hotel at Novotel Platinum Mall. The hotel is conveniently located next to Platinum Mall & we love how spacious and clean it is. We have a view at level 19 too, Bangkok looks fabulous especially at night. 
Destination: Platinum Mall! 
To-Do: Finally step into the famous Platinum mall, we had cheap & nice local food that cost us SGD12.00, a price you’ll never be able to get in Singapore. We managed to finish shopping at 3 levels before the shop closes at 5pm. Went to rest our feet at Boo’s favourite watermelon crashed ice place before we placed our shopping loots back at our hotel.
Destination: MBK, Siam Paragon & Night market around Siam Paragon.
To-do: Took a tutu out and it was so fun and dangerous. Went to eat MK restaurant that Boo recommended, the duck was really nice. The shopping at night market left me overwhelmed, can’t believe things are so cheap and of good quality. 
Goodnight Singapore!
Date: 27th July 2014
Location: Bangkok
To-do: We had an A&W breakfast, loved the waffles & root beer float. Continued shopping at Platinum Mall to cover the other 3 levels before we ate our late brunch at this Japanese restaurant at level 6 of platinum mall.
Destination: Platinum Mall night market
To-do: Went to shop at Isetan & the night market around Platinum Mall. The night market there has more stuff to see and buy, especially the customized items that filled up 1 whole lane. We went for a foot massage which turned out to be very good as well. After all the walking and shopping, we tabao-ed food from the night market stall back to hotel and eat. 
Date: 28th July 2014
To-do: Check out of hotel and find the famous Wantan mee hidden at a small lane near Platinum Mall.
To-do: Take a cab to hipster place where all the nice cafés gathered. 
Our first cafe: Roasted Coffee Cafe, the place which BOO wanted to go. The food tasted very normal, a little overrated and overprice. But still, the atmosphere was great with the big glass window and spacious place.
Our Second cafe was Mr Jone’s Orphanage, one of the reason why I went Bangkok. Love the comfortable atmosphere especially with all the teddy bears around and the comfy seats. We should have something like this in Singapore too.
After all the slacking, we cabbed back to our hotel before heading to airport to catch our plane. Had a last authentic Thai meal before we board the plane because we have a bad feeling about SQ food which turns out to be what I predicted it to be.
Goodbye Bangkok!

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