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Sinful dinner at Prata house Thomson! 
Trying to eat a little healthier for lunch after the sinful dinner but soup spoon is not filling for me, got hungry at 3ish and ended up snacking more. 
Always seem to be having Ma Maison when I’m feeling low till it became associate with low-mood! Need to find a happy occasion to go back and recondition my mind on it because I quite like the place.
Work event at M-Hotel, the buffet spread that we had for work tasted very nice, took 2 servings of the bee-hoon. 
First meal we had since we are back from Bangkok, Koh Grill Japanese food! Can I migrate to Japan? 
Dinner catchup with friend over Menya Ramen at Ion, I really don’t like their ramen. The weird “H” shape ramen spoilt the whole bowl of good soup. 
I’m so well-loved by my team, lunch is mostly chosen by me and we went to try the 7-cheese pizza because I spotted it on advertisement. The pizza tasted good for a cheese lover like me. 
My favourite hiding place.
Section head went for Disney training and brought back cute Disney stuff, love this Minnie Mouse balloon!
Started school, 2 months of school holiday ended so fast. Time to set my heart back for research & assignments. 
Imported this Boo & Buddy soft toy for us and ended up Buddy became a huge giant that drops fur like nobody’s business. Such a disappointment.
Back to work with my paddlepop, she’s a popular figure in office with everybody knowing her name. 
SOT Homecoming, been a great 5 years since I’ve graduated. I’ll never forget the promises & encounters with God.
My usual OOTD! 

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