For the God-son, Mini-Twinnie & Baby2! Can’t wait to meet these babies and give them so much love.
Creamier with my Boo-JIE! Love the waffles there, definitely worth the trouble to make our way there and spent time to wait.
Fairy God-mother blessed me with movie ticket!
Healthy lunch with boo-JIE but I’m hungry straight after lunch time, I’m called the little greedy fox in office.
Paddlepop has a new hair piece, finally gotten a ribbon for her.
I can never imagine I can have so much love for a being, and it’s growing stronger every single day, love you my boy.
Homemade beancurd by my manager, tasted better than Lao Ban.
Saw this little playground on the way back home on bus one day and make a mental note that I want to go back there and sit the swing! Today I am meeting a friend and it so happened to be here. I’m going to go back here again to enjoy the swing and solitude time. 

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