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Sound of Music

Tried out Jamaica Cafe at Suntec, the brunch tasted good, love the mushroom and tomato. Went to crush a wedding with my +1 before getting Lego! So addicted. 

Chocolate from CAO! Love it.

Event at Raffles Town Club, the food tasted so nice and it was fun working with the colleagues here. So thankful for this bunch of fun-loving and responsible colleagues.

Went for Sound of Music musical at MBS on their opening night. I know I should not compared this with those that I’ve watched in London, but with the amount of money I paid in Singapore as compared to London, it was really a big disappointment. With GBP14, I get world class standard but with SGD168, the sound system and stage was half as good as those in London. But overall, it was quite a pleasant musical experience in MBS. Can’t wait to fly back to London and watch more.

Went to Coastal Settlement for brunch with my BOO-JIE! Drove all the way from north to the Far Far East and it was a right choice. The ambience was great, especially the swing outside of the place. The food was nice too, especially the wagyu beef cube, I will definitely be back there for it again. 


In Megagamie Blue dress with my Guccie clutch.

In my colorful dress from Tuckshop, Isetan. Love my Miss Selfridge white blazer.

TGIF with my paddlepop at work.

Tied a fishtail braid + strawhat + bright colors for a day to Far Far East! 

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