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Havoc weekend

It’s Monday but there’s no blue today, feeling happy today because..! Just feeling happy 😀

Went to newly open Singapore National Stadium with wifey for Chinese Orchestra concert, it was totally amazing and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. We rushed down from service for the concert and missed dinner. End up I gotten myself a packet of milk as supper, I’m totally amused by this action of mine. I never like the taste of milk and now I’ve decided I need to love myself more especially my body. Hope I’ll have the courage to take more milk. 

Sunday was spent in church for emerge, felt so young once again! Had a solitude Sunday afternoon alone, enjoyed my kopi+wicked. Met momma for dinner again and she’s so adorable, love her to bits.

Every time when my faith grows weary, I’ll confess the promises of God because “I believe and so I spoke” 2Cor4:13;! God’s word kept me going. 

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