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Happy school holiday

Celebrated Twinnie’s birthday with her, had a great time catching up. I’m blessed to have a friend like her who loves/supports/encouraged me. 
Photo with C3 band! What a privilege to have the chance to be up close with them.
Met up with my secondary school girls, enjoyed the food at Timbre especially the cheap beer at happy hour. Always fun to chat with them over food, love love their company even after knowing them for 15 years.
Had Korea food with my wifey! This authentic Korea restaurant at Raffles place serves yummy side dishes and really nice authentic Korea food. The Kim Chi pan cake and Ginseng chicken soup tasted so nice, I’m definitely going back again.
Free 1 pint of Haagen-Dazs from company as a gift for our “Eat with family”! 
Watching World Cup online with my new Lego figurines. Can you spot Gandalf the white and Gandalf the grey? 
One of my busiest Saturday! Had lunch with a group of friends, rushed over to my eldest uncle house for Father’s Day celebration, attended a wake follow by supper at Chong Pang Nasi Lemak.
Met up with my 2 boys for post examination celebration, had so much fun chatting the whole night. Can’t wait for our next meetup to celebrate our good results together. Can’t believe when I first knew them they were in their primary school uniform and now they are so grown up.
First cup of coffee for the week, I’m on a coffee diet! I’ve been to addicted to coffee and it’s not good so I want to kick off this habit. But I was too tire on Saturday so I gave in to it. 
Emerge, stand for revival! I added in Unisim onto the board, seeing the big NYP on the board reminds me of the time I’m in NYP cluster.
Bought Happy Lash from Body Inc! Been using for a few days and feel happy with it. Hope it’ll strengthen and make my lash grow.
Baby Sonya and Baby Aiden! So cute and adorable. Too bad Savannah is sleeping and I can’t get to play with her.
My vainity OOTDs. 

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