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Macau + Hong Kong 2014 (Part 2)

After the dinner, we went to take the indoor Gondola!
Drama happened after our gondola night and I only got to rest at 3am, almost 24 hours without sleep. Dead beat tire!
Date: 30th May 2014
Time: 10.00am
Location: Holiday Inn Cotai
Mission: Catch our ferry to Hong Kong 
Time: 13.00
Location: Hong Kong
Mission: Check in to hotel and head to Lai Chi Kok for our shopping.
Time: 1330
Location: Lai Chi Kok, Real Madrid Restaurant
Mission: Have our brunch, all of us were hungry like mad.
Time: 1430
Location: Hong Kong Industrial Center, Lai Chi Kok
Mission: Visit this shopping place that many people called it the Bangkok Market in Hong Kong. We didn’t really shop much because the items and quality isn’t much to our liking, I prefer Taiwan’s 五份铺 than this.
Time: 1600
Location: Mong Kok, Langham Place
Mission: Hong Kong industrial center is too boring for us so we took a cab over to Langham place where we start our crazy shopping! We shopped straight for 4 hours before finding a place for dinner. The food from the random restaurant that we walked in tasted so nice, it’s as if everywhere in Hong Kong is nice.
Time: 2200
Location: Hotel
Mission: 4 of us to bathe and settled down! The hotel has some really nice movie and we caught Life of Pi till 2am before all of us went to lala-land! 
Date: 31st May 2014
Time: 1000
Location: Chui Wah Restaurant
Mission: Woke up and headed over to our favourite restaurant for Breakfast. Love the cheap local breakfast that Hong Kong has, nothing in Singapore can beat this. 
Time: 1130
Location: Mong Kok, Langham Place
Mission: We carried on back to Langham Place to shop the upper few floors as we didn’t finish shopping the day before, how I love Langham Place! 
Time: 1400
Location: Causeway Bay, 许留山
Mission: We decided to eat a brunch of snacks and dessert at the famous dessert stall and rest our tire feet!
Time: 1700
Location: Tram Terminal
Mission: We went back to our hotel to put down the loots before cabbing over to the tram terminal. When we reached there, can you imagined our horrified emotions when we saw that we need to wait 3 hours to get to the tram! In the end, we decided to take a cab up and we reached the peak within 30 minutes. Dinner was at a Japanese restaurant at The Peak Mall where we have the view that overlooked Hong Kong. We spent a bomb on the dinner but enjoyed the nice food and view there.

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