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Macau + Hong Kong 2014 (Part 1)

Date: 29th May 2014
Time: 4.30am
Location: Changi Airport Terminal 2
Mission: Check-in for our 6.30am flight and fly to Macau!
Time: 10.30am
Location: Macau
Mission: Check-in at hotel, changed into something casual and begin our exploring of Macau.
黄枝记,located in Macau Senando Square. Highly recommended place for their food epecially the porridge, chicken wings and huge crispy wanton! It’s located opposite the macdonald in Senando square, quite easy to find. We were feeling very full when we walked out of the place and the bill is relatively cheap at HKD350(SGD58) for the amount of food and drinks we ordered. Thumbs up for this.
Finished exploring Senando Square and did some shopping there, we were ahead of schedule so the lazy 4 hopped into a cafe to chillax.
Loccitane Cafe located at the entrance of Senando square too. We were expecting it to be as nice as Agnes B cafe but it turned out to be quite normal. The drinks are quite pricy as well, we ordered 3 drinks to share and the bill came up to HKD210(Approximately about SGD35)! I won’t recommend this place because there’s nothing special and I believe you can find nicer cafe in Macau with this price.
Cabbing off to Macau Tower and watch people “JUMP”!
Macau tower was so fun, we recorded a few videos of people doing bungee-jump. Guess I’ll never had the courage to jump even thou I’ve overcome my phobia of height. We had so much fun at the Toy “R” Us there too, bought a few sets of Lego at a relatively cheaper price.
Second visit to Alorcha, the standard of the food is still as good as the first time. Please remember to make a reservation, they opened at 6.30pm and usually the restaurant will be pack even on a weekday. The garlic clams and chilli prawn are our favourite, must try if you are there. The cod fish and beef tasted quite normal so you can skip if you are not into fish or moomoo! The bill came up to HKD650(SGD110), the price for happy stomach with good food. 

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