God · Me

Taking a break

It’s back to the bi-annual event of mugging at Starbucks for examination, went to this beautiful Starbucks to mug. Felt so satisfied with my study progress over the weekend, managed to finish doing up the notes for abnormal psychology, the toughest to study for this semester. It’s an intensive 12 hours of studying each day and my poor brain has to be loaded with so much information. Feeling so relive that I’m done with this module and I can cheat a little by enjoying my Monday because it’s movie day during work hours follow by chilling out with friends. For once, there’s no Monday blue.

Saw my cousin posted this photo of my childhood church chapel and it reminds me of the time when I was just a little girl choir-ing at here every Sunday for a good 10 years. How amazing time flies and I’m at another church now but my heart’s desire and prayer is to sing and worship The Lord till the day I’m taken back to heaven no matter where I am or what has happened in life. 

Brought HOPE home with me hoping that I’ll be more hopeful about the future. 

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