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Labour day felt even more tire than a working day! Went for cell group in the morning before rushing with Jasmine to Bugis to meet KOR for Dim Sum brunch at Victor’s Kitchen, Sunshine Plaza. We had 2 rounds of dim sum and I felt so full that I skipped dinner! In the evening, went to loiter with Jasmine and got so lost in the world of Lego and Craftholic. I had to rush for a close friend’s grandma wake so off I went rushing again. Basically my day starts from Yishun to Jurong to Bugis to Choa Chu Kang then back home to Yishun, how mad can a labour day gets right? But still, I’m enjoying the moments spent with different ones.
Thank God Friday was a very quiet and peaceful day at work, totally what I needed after a mid-week public holiday. Met up with Jasmine again and we had a good meal at this soba place at the basement of Paragon, it’s always diet-spoiler when we are out together hunting for good food. After the meal, we went to Toy r Us and stood for 2 hours just to “touch” and get the full set of 16 figurines for the Lego movie. Felt so satisfying to be able to get the full set just by “molesting” the packaging instead of spending extra money to buy from shops outside. It’s crazy how they are selling mermaid, Lincoln or some other rare figurines at $16.90 when a pack cost about $4.90 only. 
I’m supposed to be on a budget but yet I spent so much within this week, all the good food, Lego toys and not forgetting doctor’s bill(Was very sick on Monday and Tuesday)! I’m currently very happy and satisfied with my workplace and job even thou I’m not as highly paid as compared to my previous job but no way I’ll hunt for a higher paying or back to UW job. Can’t imagine the numbers of hours of Overtime I have to do again which I can’t afford now because of studies. And yes, I have another holiday plan coming for early next year which I’m so excited about. Maybe next time when I go out, I should keep all my credit cards, nets and whatever at home and only bring a piece of $10 out to force myself to budget. $10.00 is a lot for a meal too if we want to talk about budgeting, sigh. Maybe I should really just bring a 10 bucks note out today to try out how it goes. 

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