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Vienna, Austria (23-26/12)

23rd Dec 2013 – Flying off DAY
Finally reach Vienna, Austria! We were so excited that we splurged about SGD50.00 for our breakfast!
Finally reached the place for our apartment in Vienna, we spent about half an hour to look for it and we reached before Kor did! Felt super excited and when my darling arrived, I planted so many kisses and hugs on him. We set off for MacDonald lunch before heading to the town area for shopping and Christmas Market.
Christmas eve was spent in Christmas Market and the palace in Vienna Palace where we visit the king’s zoo and palace.
I find it very unbelievable that the below are the king’s pet! What a luxury life he has.
Then we moved on to the internal exhibition of the palace. The setting reminds me of Vatican in Rome where they have a lot of rooftop art as well.
Sky falls at 3pm and it seems like night has come early! Everywhere was close as people prepared for Christmas eve, for Europeans, Christmas eve is liken to Chinese Reunion Dinner to us in Singapore. Jie cooked up a storm for us and we get to enjoy a cosy Christmas dinner follow by exchanging of gifts and having our own time of fun!
The next day was Christmas and it was spent at the apartment with cookie baking, enjoying the jacuzzi and playing of games! Totally enjoyed the family day with my Lokey!
on 26th December, we set off for our journey to Prague!

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