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Taiwan 2014

I had my most impromptu trip ever, Wifey was so spontaneous and we went on a trip with just 2 weeks to buy tickets, book hotel and plan where we want to go.

Finally in Taipei! 

Just Sleep Inn Ximending! The location of the hotel was quite a distance from the main Ximending area, the sound proof was quite bad and I don’t really like this hotel, prefer City Inn Ximending still.

Day ONE was Wu Fen Pu and Rou He night market, really enjoyed the air-con alike temperature, so glad to escape the heat from Singapore! 

I woke up with a swelling red right eye due to an allergy and I had to hide under the shade for almost the whole day! We still went ahead with plan and went to Sogo, Xinyi District and Shi Da night market. We went to try Melange Cafe and their ice drip Dutch coffee and waffle which we love instantly. Shi Da night market is my all time favorite shopping place where I spent NT5,000.00 in 2 hours. 

Finally had the chance to attend New Life Church Taipei, love the vibrant/colorful setting and strong presence of God. We happened to find Barbie Cafe and decided to be bimbotic for once but to our surprises, the food tasted quite alright. We went to roam Xi Men Ding for a while before retreating back to hotel to pack up and rest because we are so tire from all the chiong-ing! 

It started raining on the day we are coming back, really thank God for the good weather he’s given to us. We decided to have mala-steamboat on a raining afternoon before flying back. 

Really enjoyed this short trip and I can’t wait for the next trip to happen. 

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