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Birthday PART ONE

Cell group had reunion dinner and they celebrated my birthday! So thankful for everyone of them who stood by my side for me despite it all.
My favorite TAN family celebrated my birthday at a Japanese place in Orchid Country club. So happy that my darling is back, kids are really gift from God. I love being with the darling because he made me smile and forget about all my trouble and sadness.
Met up with Cheryl and she treated me to Wild Honey as birthday treat. Love the quality time spent with her, really glad to see that she’s happily married and enjoying life now.
Wifey dated me and asked me out for dinner and gave me a treat. She gave me a spa package and I’m going to use it with Jasmine since wifey is not free. 
On my actual birthday, I wanted to spend the whole day myself but happy gang decided it’s too depressing and they gave me a surprise. Samuel, Jasmine and Sylvia surprises me at Triple Three at Mandarin Orchard, really love the quality time spent, love and joy over the dinner and not forgetting the effort to make me feel love.
Rare opportunity to dress down so casually
Brought a new minion handphone case
All time favorite laska for lunch
Shopped till very tire so rested at Starbucks watching Hong Kong drama before heading to Orchard to shop and meet them for buffet.
Highlight of buffet dinner: Crab, foie gras, duck meat and fresh oyster.
I’m really blessed that I have the ability to gift myself so many Chanel items, mum paid for my Pandora and gave me an angbao, received an iPad mini because I said that I wanted it, KOR & JIE brought back the Disney watch I wanted from Venice and the few hundred bucks of vouchers from various friends.
Shopped till I drop on my birthday
Nano Lego block, too cute and nice to resist.
Added a suitcase & aeroplane to my Pandora bracelet. I going to carry my luggage and travel the world.
This Agnes B bag is too pretty to resist till I have to bring it home!
Brought many other little stuff with the vouchers and shop till so happy. This year birthday I just made a wish, for happiness to return to my life :)! I just want to be happy and not feel so depress and heavy hearted anymore.
Assignment due this Sunday and next Tuesday, time to work hard for school again. 

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