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Morton Steakhouse

Had my first birthday celebration in Morton and yes I’m finally there to taste the legendary food that I’ve heard so much rave about. We spent a total of SGD340 for 2 person and the portion that they serve is very generous that both of us walked out with a satisfied and round stomach!
Personalized menu! Finally I have one too.
Red wine to go with Steak
Half dozen of oyster air flown in from Washington, very fresh and juicy. 
Disappointing lobster bisque, I was expecting something thicker and more flavorful.
Jumbo Lump Crab Meat was fantastic, makes me crave for salted egg crab.
Sauté Button Mushroom was as delicious as what people rave about and anything mushroom won’t goes wrong for me.
Center cut steak was fantastic, love the fats that goes so well with the steak and how it melts in the mouth. Totally worth the price we are paying, can I have more please.
Chocolate lava cake complimentary on the house for the birthday girl. I’m surprise that their chocolate lava cake tasted so nice with hagan daze ice cream. 
Went on a relaxing river cruise as well, love doing things that’s so tourist. 
Been a while since I enjoyed myself so much and feel happy, call me shallow but good food and good company with good present makes one happy! 

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