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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everybody, it’s Christmas morning in Vienna now and I’m lying on my bed enjoying the cold breeze with nice view. This is my first Christmas overseas and I’m quite enjoying it despite the cold that makes me feel like fainting anytime. 
From my view lying on bed!
Christmas is liken to Chinese New Year in Singapore where most of the places will be open for half day. We made a trip to the palace where there is a Christmas market & zoo in it. 
The king kept penguins as pet, how cool is that!
This Christmas I’m blessed with some gifts and below are my favorite lot of them!
Brought my first Pandora! Fell in love with it after I saw the Cinderella’s carriage but it was out of stock in Singapore! Thank God Vienna’s pandora carried them. Brought the iconic Eiffel Tower and my favorite London bus too. Total damage of Eur255.00 for the basic bracelet, 2 stopper & 3 charms with a 13% tax rebate. This is mummy’s Christmas cum birthday gift for me, so happy with this.
Limited edition Laduree macaroon bag charm all the way from Paris flagshop from KOR & JIE. Wanted to get this last year during my Paris trip but all the nice colors were sold out. 
Search for this unicorn for very long! So happy to be hugging it in my arm even thou it’s for a night and I have to bid it farewell the next day! 

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