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Been a while since I had the mood to do an armswag! I’m surprise that I can find such gems at M)Phosis!
Finally had the chance for the much-missed Yong Tofu at Tanjong pagar. The noodle is one of a kind where you can’t find anywhere.
Been a while since I’m back to this place. Love the ambience, peace & quietness of this little gem. It seems like you are being transported to another world of it’s own!
Loves anything vintage!
Girls are ironic! When they have short fringe, they will miss the long one. When it’s long, they will cut it short because they miss it being short. #idontunderstandgirlstoo!
Hello Baby Savannah! We met again and I’m glad you still recognize auntie Amanda & I’m so happy when you stretch your arms towards me. I hope my baby girl in future will be as adorable as you & I will be a proud mama.
The friend who stood by me all along & went the extra mile! Let’s fight our own battle & win it victoriously because Jesus has won the battle for us on the cross.
Depression, a topic that I went into deep research because of assignment in school. How true is that. I really think Great is the people who has a negative mind but yet still choose to live positively & overcome it.

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