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12th MONTH

I know this is nothing much but being a student-member of Singapore Psychology Society just makes me very happy. My dream is to get a masters & clock 2000 practising hours to be a professional member.
First day of December and we resumed our role of Santarina! There’s still many Christmas waiting for me to wrap up but I’m so LAZY. 
Shopped my weekends away with Lover and she surprised me! I’ve been wanting the LOVE.PEACE.HOPE ring but when I saw the price, I put it back to the shelf and being the cheeky her, she went to take and paid right in front of me without me noticing. While we were at Isetan, she suddenly turn to me with a mini paper bag and say “FOR U”! This surprise shocked & melted my heart totally. Girlfriends are made of anything sweet & sugar.
Hello Baby Anniston! Long time no see, why you want to dao me on a Sunday morning!
My top from the Hong Kong street brand ;Chocolate! So excited that they opened a shop in Singapore.
Recovering from bad flu! 
Miss my cheeky little boy! 2 more weeks~

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