Girlfriends · Life

Bye November

Chop off 20cm of my hair and I’m loving this refresh look and feel even thou many people said there isn’t much difference! Gave my hair a good intensive treatment as well after ignoring it for months. 
I read this book almost 12 years ago and found myself being captivated by the history. I went to grab this book and decided to let myself get lost in the world of history again, it’s amazing how a good read can bring you away from reality for a few hours. I love escape like this!
My dream house. A wooden hut in the middle of nowhere on this big planet world where we will eat corn everyday, grow old together with my other half and die to return to The Lord together. Life will be so much simple with no worries & stresses in life.
Catch up with dearie and I’ve finally tried Marmalade at Ion! She’s always so supportive, lovely & encouraging. Really thank God for friends like her who’s been by my side for 10 years and still making me feel I’m worthy of her love.
And no, I don’t miss the long long hair! Perhaps I’ll go a little shorter next month!

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