Family · LOVE


I’m so proud of my JIE JIE! KOR KOR and her is like my inspiration in life, they knew what they wanted, I’ve seen how they worked hard together and here they are in Paris achieving their dreams. They are the one who inspired me to chase after my own dream no matter how tough it might seen or how people around might think it’s impossible, kor’s theory is “At the very least, you tried”! Even thou she’s just my cousin’s wife, she felt like a big sister to me. There are things which I find it easier to share with her than KOR and she will be the person to share with KOR and get all the impact. I still remembered when I’m preparing for the big day, she was like a mum, rushing all over just to ensure I’m alright and I have everything I want. The day before the big day, I had the idea of wanting fresh flower on my head and she made it happen for me after rushing like mad and making endless phone call to get the specific fresh flower I want. When our marriage broke down, she was there for me. I still remembered when I was hospitalized, she rushed into A&E, held my hand and asked me why am I so silly, I’m still young and I have a bright future and many good things ahead waiting for me. She has became a close friend as well despite the big age difference, she will tease me, make fun of me and at times we will gossip about KOR behind his back and bad mouth him. She will always say that I’m like her younger sister, always Bian chi Bian he, but in reality of fact is she and KOR allowed u to Bian chi Bian he because they love us a lot. 
I’m really very proud and thankful for my KOR & JIE. Many friends have told me how much they envy me for having such a good cousin and his wife. There are many siblings who grew up together but they are not close at all and look at how KOR & JIE doted, spoilt & pampered me. Everytime I think about them, I can’t help but thank God for placing them in my life. Despite the fact that I don’t have a father growing up, having a KOR like this when growing up made up for everything. 
I can’t wait for them to be back before I can exploit them to drive me for my favorite teo chew porridge, boiled soup & cafés. And not forgetting getting the La Cordon Bleu Paris graduate to bake more stuff to satisfy our itchy mouth! 

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