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Alishan, Taiwan (09/08 – 11/08)

How to get to 阿里山: Either travel via HSR which will take about an hour journey but cost NT598.00 or travel via TSR which will take about two hour journey but cost NT299.00. We chose the cheaper option because we have all the time in the morning for traveling and the train is very comfortable. After the train journey, we took a private bus up which will bring us to our MING SHU directly.
Our comfy train journey with yummy food!
Upon arrival at our Ming Shu, we told the lady boss that we wanted to get some tea especially for Tien Seng as this is an one day trip for him. She drove us to this tea plantation where the boss was so patient in introducing to us the different type of tea and even treated us to an expensive tea. He ended our tea adventure by bringing us to his tea factory and plantation.
After visiting the tea place, we went back to our Ming Shu and of course we explore our very nice MING SHU!
阿里山神禾 located at 605台灣嘉義縣阿里山鄉樂野村樂野段57-12號 !
We waited to be taken out for a short trip to 奮起湖. The doggie at the Ming Shu smells good and he’s such a dear to be around with, one of the few dogs that I am not afraid of!
Day Trip: 奮起湖
How to get there: We booked a car with our Ming Shu at NT100.00 per pax for round trip.
We went back to our Ming Shu for a rest and parted ways with Tien Sheng as he returned back to Taipei. There will be afternoon tea served and we actually mingled around with another couple from Singapore. You can definitely spot Yang Yang the dog wherever there is food.
Dinner was at a traditional Taiwan eatery where we had some nice soup noodles and drinks to fill up our stomach! We brought a lot of food and tibits back as well to slack in front of the TV and grow fat together.
The next day, we woke up to a perfectly painted view of the mountain and had breakfast with that nice view. We traveled up to 阿里山 forest where it is the peak of the whole place with a forest train to take and some places to walk.
We went back to our Ming Shu to slack the afternoon away. Knowing that we are celebrating our wedding anniversary, the Ming Shu lady boss specially prepared a special high-tea set for us. It was pouring so heavily outside and we were enjoying the rain with our high tea and super spicy beef noodle!
Dinner was at an authentic 阿里山 restaurant which served a lot of dishes for a set of 2 for the price of only NT300.
The next day was a trip back to airport and fly back home! Totally enjoyed my Taiwan trip and we are looking forward to visit more parts of Taiwan in future.

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