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Taipei, Taiwan (03/08 – 08/08)

Reach Taiwan after a mid-night flight! We took Guo Guang Bus 1961 straight from airport to Taiwan Main Station which is a stop away from Ximen, where we were staying in.
The hotel we stayed in was highly recommended by many. Cityinn Ximending Plus is located 2 minutes walk from Ximen Station Exit 3. We really enjoyed our stay especially with the basement which provide free laundry/popcorn/coffee and services provided were excellent!
Breakfast @ 西門麥味登 
Address: 台北市萬華區漢中街152號 
Review: BEST breakfast choice ever!
Caught a movie after the breakfast as our hotel was not ready for check-in and we desperately needed a place to rest.
Lunch @ 五分埔鬍鬚張魯肉飯店!
Address: 台北市南港區永吉路533號
Review: Best 魯肉飯 I’ve ever eaten in my life, totally live up to its reputation.
Dinner @ 饒河夜市 
Address: 饒河路(Nearest train station: 松山火車站) 
Review: Whole afternoon was spent in 五分埔 and the heat + being sick totally kills me. But I felt very alive when we were in 饒河夜市! The OYSTER is highly recommended and not to be MISS, we tried from 2 different stalls and they tasted as superb! Their pink Guava and guava seed juice is very nice too, something that we can’t find in Singapore. Please don’t bother eating chicken chop here, tasted so AWFUL!
Day Two
Day Two was spent walking around Taipei 101, Xin Guang Shan Yue and the shopping malls around the area. I was feeling terribly sick by evening and after capturing a photo of the Taipei 101 at night, we took a cab back and I collapsed on bed by 8pm.
Day Three
Breakfast @ 永和豆漿大王
Address: No. 102, Section 2, Fùxīng South Rd, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Review: Crispy You-Tiao + Cold Soya Bean drink = MY FAVOURITE!
Lunch was supposed to be at Hsu & Smith but the cafe was full that day and we did not make any reservation! I was still feeling unwell so we cabbed back to hotel for cup noodles and I fell asleep after taking medication.
Dinner @ 台泉鱼面
Address: 師大夜市
Review: The Mee-Sua that they sell as it reminds us of the mee-sua that his grandma cooked. I think this is a little gem tuck in a corner in 師大夜市.
Breakfast @ 阿宗面线
Address: No.8-1, Emei St., Wanhua District, Taipei City
Review: Tasted very normal and I think that the Mee-Sua in Singapore tasted so much better.
Day tour @ 十分老街.
How to get there: Buy TSR tickets from Taipei City Station towards 瑞芳車站 and you alight to buy another ticket to 十分 Station
Important Note: There is timing to each train, ensure that you catch the train on time. There are 2 different types of train that runs through this railway, we exit at the wrong station and had a chance to experience both. The better one makes us feel like King and Queen but the normal train makes us feel like we are back to Singapore’s SMRT during peak period!
Beautiful and stunning view at 十分老街
Lunch @ Traditional Shop
Tour @ 十分大瀑布! You can choose to pay NT100 per person for the car to drive you up to the entrance of the waterfall, the walk there takes about 30 minutes and is not advisable for you to walk there because at the waterfall, there are many places which require you to climb around.
Tour to 放天燈! This is a culture that you must try when you are in Taiwan, something that you are unable to find in Singapore. Look around for a few more stalls as the stalls that is deeper in is selling it at a cheaper price.
We ended up at a snack stall because the fried squid looks too delicious too resist!
Night tour @ 士林市場! We had so much fun playing at 士林市場 with all the game stalls and won so many soft toy back home. The food range was normal as compare to 饒河夜市!
Day tour @ 淡水老街! Take the train all the way towards 淡水 and alight! You will be welcome by the beautiful scenery.
Lunch @ 阿給!
Address: 真理街
Review: A very unique dish that can be found only in 淡水老街. The stall that we went to is the first store, if you are hardworking to walk and climb up to 真理街, this is the one to have.
We carry on exploring 淡水老街 buying their local delights and playing some games there as well.
Dinner was with my SOT classmate at this retro restaurant near to 西門町, cant remember the place cause I was too excited to meet up with my Taiwanese friends!
Chill out @ Modern Toilet – 便所主题餐厅.
Address: 2F, No.50-7 Xining South Road, 02-23118822
Review: The place and concept is very interesting, surprisingly there is many of such theme restaurant in Taiwan. The food tasted very normal but I guess people want the experience that is why they visit all these places.
And that was the last night in Taipei, we washed all our clothing at the laundry service provided.

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