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Hong Kong (13-16/06) Part TWO

Day TWO 

After shopping around Time Square(EXIT A of Causeway Bay station) for the whole afternoon, we decided to rest our butt at Agnes B Cafe! 

Thereafter, we headed back to our hotel to put down our super ultra heavy shopping loots before having a quick dinner at Itacho Sushi. Do take note that near Causeway Bay Station, there is a gigantic Forever21 with a lot of other shopping malls which sells very interesting items. We lasted for a few more hours before retreating back feeling very dead after the whole day of shopping! We were very hungry after bathing and decided to try the cup noodle that we brought!

So delicious Tonkatsu Flavour & Beef Noodle! Had a sweet dream after the fulfilling supper.


We woke up to a raining HONGKONG still and decided we shall have breakfast nearby. Brought the girls to Seranade inside the Hong Kong Cultural Center. It was a good choice and they love the dim sum very much.

We were feeling to NUA and too lazy to use our leg to travel, so the next better option-CAB!

It’s very affordable to travel by cab in Hong Kong as compared to Singapore. We went from Hong Kong Cultural Center to Langham Shopping Mall in Mongkok, spent about SGD12 for a 20 minutes ride. If you travel by MTR, Langham place is actually at Exit C. Near Langham place, there are other malls nearby at Exit B, D & E! Basically Montkok area is a mini orchard Road. As usual after shopping the whole afternoon,  we headed back to our hotel to put down our goods and I brought the girls to my favourite Steamboat place in Hong Kong!

Bu Dao Wong located at the whole of 23rd floor in iSquare has became one of my favourite restaurant in Hong Kong. The price is slightly higher than normal restaurant but the 360degree view of Hong Kong CBD makes it very worth while. We ordered 5 dishes in total and ended up not finishing all. Each pax was about SGD45.00 but for the great view and services, totally worth it.

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