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JB/Legoland, Malaysia (27/01 – 28/01)

Over the weekend, we went over to JB for a 2D1N short getaway with Kor, Jie and Axel boy. We wanted to stay over at KSL but it was full, thus “forcing” us to choose the second best choice, Thistle, which turns out to be a WISE decision.
Our Deluxe Room which gave us a surprise by how BIG and GRAND the room was.
See through BATHROOM! If you want some privacy, just let down the blind. We love the bathroom a lot, especially this GLASS panel.
Enjoying the SEA-VIEW from our room!
Not forgetting the POOL VIEW too!
Kor & Jie’s room was upgraded from an Executive Room to an Executive Suite. All of us love this suite a lot, definitely something worth the price to pay!
Mini Guest Area
Private Balcony for CHILL-LAX with sea-view
Review on Thistle JB: How can I not loved a place with such great service and great room. To be honest, the price we paid is actually very cheap and it’s really an enjoyable getaway! Definitely something to recommend for our friends and we will be back in the near future if we want a near-by getaway.
Our day started at 9am where we drove in to our first Destination: HONG KONG PORRIDGE. Sorry we didn’t take note of the address but I believed if you google the name, you should be able to find.
We drove over to Jusco for some shopping before heading back to the Hotel in late afternoon for a DIPPING session.
Back in HOTEL!
All ready to DIP
Dinner was at Teck Ghee Restaurant where the Food was very normal, not as nice as what people are raving about. In fact, it was quite a disappointing meal that we went to grab snacks and drinks to keep our stomach satisfied!
After our very late dinner, we went back to our room and wash-up before we head back to their room for some party time. When the door opened, I was given a SURPRISE. The TAN family stood at the door with a complete cake and candles lighted, room decorated just for me and everybody singing me Birthday Song. Totally LOVE this small family of mine, filled with so much LOVE and CARE. Can’t believe KOR & JIE prepared everything and hide them in the car while driving over and took such a short time to prepare.
The MEN and BOY behind all the nice decoration, drinks, tibits and cake!

We woke up quite early and the excited Axel Boy called me to bring him over to our room to play before breakfast! The executive lounge service was so good, felt like some VIP having breakfast.

We were a little lost on direction to Legoland from Thistle, but thank God somehow we managed to get connected to STARHUB in JB and used google map to direct us. In a short 30 minutes, we managed to find direction and the FUN begins.
First Ride: Junior Driving School
Second Ride: Boating School

Third Ride: FIRE Rescue
Forth Ride: Air Plane
Fifth Ride: The TOWER
The precious little boy!
Sixth Ride: PULLEY
Seventh Ride: DRAGON Rollar COASTER

Eighth Ride: SPLASH!

Ninth Ride: Beetle BOUNCE
Some other interesting LEGOs in LEGOLAND!
And the trip ended with Axel Boy shopping at BIG MARKET! He went home happily with a FERRARI Car.
Love family trip such as this! We are going to do more of this.

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