London, UK (16/08-21/08)

We took Euro Star train from Paris to London and it costs us EUR 136.00 only. We brought the tickets when their website is having a 50% Sales clearance. So if you want to get cheap tickets, do check out their website more often and you’ll be able to get a good deal too. We were in the station before our departure timing so we loitered for a while.
I was getting too tire with the stand-and-wait motion that’s why I had to rest on my luggage! Upon arriving at Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, we were shouting for JOY when we heard that they have upgraded us to an Executive room for FREE!
King Size bed(Not made up of 2 bed)
The room is very big with lots of space, the photos that I have taken does no justice to it at all! But trust me, this is the BEST hotel stay through the whole trip. It was at a centralize location with a nice neighborhood area with a 24 hours super market and eatery.
We asked the hotel person for some recommendations and they actually suggested Nandos at the neighborhood area, so we decided to give it a try to see what difference does it have from those in Singapore!
Wing Platter(GBP14.00)
After getting drinking water, biscuits and tibits, we went to hibernate in our cosy and luxury room watching CSI! There will be 3-4 episodes of CSI on tv and it was quite shiok to be watching so many episode consecutively. And honestly, we are quite hooked to CSI on tv that we went back to our hotel early just to tabao dinner and watch CSI!
My breakfast everyday in London, I wish that we have it here in SG:
Met up with ex-colleague for lunch at a Dim Sum place located in Chinatown. It was her birthday and I didn’t know it till I reached the restaurant EMPTY-HANDED!
We went to a M&M empire(With a building consist of 4 levels full of M&M stuff)!
Along the way to Harrods Shopping, we spotted some cute Mascot of Olympics 2012.
Shopping at Harrods was quite an experience, everything was expensive and we managed to come out empty handed even thou a lot of things looks so attractive to bring home. The whole streets looks like some scene of a TV Drama or Movie, can’t believe modern London looks so vintage!
Dinner was MacDonald that night and the burgers in London was so much better than the wraps we had in Paris.
The night ended with Chips, enjoyment of our cosy room and CSI playing non stop!
London Must-do: Telephone Booth!
Streets Performance outside the HAUNTED HOUSE!
London Bridge Hospital
Beautiful Tower Bridge! Totally blown away by it’s beauty!
Shakespeare Globe, the place where he wrote many world shaking stories.
London Eye!
Big Ben which recently has his name changed.
After the Original Bus tour and the Fever Cruise, we headed over to the famous Four Season Duck for Dinner. It turns out to be a big disappointment and waste of our GBP 55.00!
Hot and Spicy Soup(GBP3.30)
Half Peking Duck(GBP17.00)
3 different types of roasted meat(GBP9.50)
Ma Po Tofu(GBP7.50)
Prawn with Sze Chuan Sauce(GBP9.50)
After the disappoint dinner, we walked over to Her Majesty Theater for our Phantom of the Opera! We managed to get cheap tickets at GBP21.00 each on the morning itself. If you want to get cheap tickets, please check out the different sales ticket office on Monday morning, many tickets are on discount!
This pretty much sum up the whole EUROPE trip. I had a few days missing cause I was too home sick in between and spent a few days emo-ing in hotel.

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