Paris, France (11/08-15/08)

 We left Venice at 6.30am in order to head to the Marco Polo Airport to catch a plane over to France, Paris Orly. If you want convenient, you can choose to take Water Cab over to Marco Polo Airport from the main city, however it will cost about EUR 50.00. You can choose to take bus 5 from the bus interchange at only EUR 5.00. Do check out the bus timing the day before to ensure that you won’t miss the bus, and if you are afraid, you can get the ticket for the bus the day before like what we did.
We have chosen Domestic Flight instead of Train because of the price. Our flight by EasyJet costs us EUR 79.90 for 2 during their discount, do check out their website more often for discounted flights.
It was a very comfortable 2.5 hours flight that I slept through the whole journey. Our hotel was a distance away from Paris Orly airport and we have checked it’ll cost us about EUR70.00. In the end, we decided to take the train instead. We have brought a 5 day Unlimited Travel Ticket in Paris for EUR 53.40. The price of per train ride can easily cost us a good EUR 3-4, so the ticket was more worth it especially if you want to cover more places during your stay. However, we have to carry our luggage up and down many steps because we have to change line 3 times and there isn’t any escalator in the place.
We managed to find our hotel after going the wrong way for 30 minutes with our luggage! The person at the Tram Station wasn’t too kind and they gave us a very wrong direction. So please be aware when you are asking for direction from the train station person.
After dropping our luggage, we quickly made our way to the main area. It was very late and we went for another late lunch at a Si Chuan Chinese Restaurant at level 6 of La Fayett. It was a wrong choice, the food is expensive and tasted very awful 😦
I could not contain my excitement and went straight to find my Chanel flag store in Rue Cambon!
The whole Rue Cambon Chanel is so BIG, definitely 2-3 times the size of Chanel in Ngee Ann City! I came out of the shop with my dream fulfilled and a happy girl. Can’t believe that Chanel in Europe is cheaper than the prices in Singapore at a 30-40%! After my Europe trip, I will never get any branded stuff in Singapore anymore. It’s not worth at all!
We found the first Macaroon shop that we wanted to search by accident, Hugo and Victor. It’s a very famous Macaroon Stall in Europe and they do not open everyday. So we are very excited and happy when we happened to bump into this. The Macaroon tasted so yummy and delicious, especially the Caramel and Vanilla ones.
We ended our day early as well because I have just recovered. Before heading back to our hotel, we went to an Indian Supermart to get some drinking water, fruit juice and sweets.

Our first full day in Paris, was so excited about shopping at La Fayette but it turns out that on Sunday, all the shops are closed. We decided to turn it into a sight-seeing day.


@Pierre Hermes Dessert Shop, 4 Rue Cambon.

@Cathedrale de Notre Dome de Paris
@ Eiffel Tower
@Prime Rose
Pierre Sparkling Water 1 litre: EUR 5.20
Butter Garlic Herbs Escagots: EUR 11.00
Grilled bib of Sirloin Steak with Salad and Fries: EUR 13.90
Grilled Duck Breast with Mild Chili and Fried Vegetables: EUR 13.90
Our very amazing Disneyland Trip in Paris. We LOVED this place so much that I wish I could get a job in there and live happily ever after! The day where we were there, they have this special 20th Anniversary Celebration and they added a night parade and show. We stayed in Disneyland till 12 mid-night and it was a fantastic experience.
I totally enjoyed this magical experience, can’t wait for the Hong Kong disneyland trip!
It was a shopping day at La Fayette getting stuff for our friends and having nice Macaroons! We had the best seafood meal at Suffren.
McWrap Passion(Fish) and McWrap Cherve(Lamb).
We ordered the wrong one and ended up with a very gross Lamb meat!
Laudree Dessert! Located at Champs Elysees, so happy to find another dessert brand that we wanted to find.
Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon!
20 OYSTER of 4 kinds and 2 fresh prawn!
Butter Herbs Escagots
French Onion Soup
Suffren: 84 Avenue de Suffren 75015 Paris, France
Our Hotel in Paris: Hotel Eiffel Capitol
Review on Hotel Eiffel Capitol: It was a nice cosy hotel to stay but one of the receptionist at the hotel was very racist and the way he treated us was BAD. We had clearly told the hotel that during our 5 days stay, we did not want any room service and even put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door. Apparently the hotel person don’t get it and went into our room and TIDY up everything. Honestly, I’ll be perfectly fine if they apologise, but this very racist receptionist which has already shown us very bad attitude actually told us off rudely. His reply was quite a stunning stating that they have the room to every door and if they want, they can enter any room at any time so what is the big deal about the person going in and touching our stuff? And he even mention that he always travel and hotel personal entering the room anytime is a NORMAL thing and they can touch anything and everything. I WAS TOTALLY TRIPPED! The person in-charge heard of our unhappiness and complain actually came to explain and apologise but I guess it was too late. If your staff didn’t follow instructions given, simply apologise and not argue saying you can enter any room at any time and touch anything. So people, be aware of this place. You have been warned!

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