Venice, Italy (09/08 – 10/08)

We have to bid goodbye to Florence and head to our next destination, Venice. We took my favorite Italia Rail and this time round the journey is slightly longer than the previous from Rome to Florence.
Our hotel, La Forcola Hotel, is a 15 minutes walk from Venice Main Terminal. It will cost quite a bit to travel by Ferry Taxi. So we decided to carry our luggage and walk our way there.
The hotel wasn’t that fantastic, it was a little dim and small. We felt very uncomfortable during our stay because of the dim light, but perhaps it was because I feel very unwell when we reached Venice due to the weather.
After checking in, we head out for brunch at late afternoon and we were feeling so hungry!
Ristorante Pizzeria Restaurant
Acqua Minerale(EUR3.00)
Cape Miste Alla Marinated(EUR10.00): Taste very AWFUL!!
Frutti Di Mare(EUR11.00)
Prosciutto(EUR10) – Their local traditional dish
After the awful and expensive meal, we headed out to walk around the place. Venice is indeed a small island, we managed to finish combing most of the places before I fell real sick.
We head back before night time and all I could remember was I felt really sick, slept all the way till the following day where we left for Paris.

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