Florence, Italy (07/08 – 08/08)

We have to wake up early to pack and checked that we did not left anything before moving to Termini Train station to take Italia-Rail to Florence. If you buy the ticket on the day at the station, it will cost EUR54.00 for 2 person. We managed to find and booked advance ticket online at EUR24.00 for 2 person.
The destination that you are heading to might not be display on the screen as some train goes to 3-4 places and they will only display the final destination. Look out for your train number on the board and you will know where to find.
Our hotel(Hotel San Giorgio and Olympic) was a 7 minutes walk from Firenze SMN. After checking in the hotel, we rushed over to the Bus Interchange to catch the shuttle bus over to THE MALL. It’s a branded outlet which has outlet like Prada, Gucci, Dior, Celine etc. The shuttle bus ticket costs EUR5.00 each per trip, so be prepared to spend EUR10.00 per pax if you want to make your way there.
I brought a Prada Classic and Gucci Classic too. The rest of the items are gifts for family. The Gucci and Prada bag cost EUR230.00 each with a 12% VAT refund which is very cheap consider to the other shops in Europe.
After dropping off our shopping loots, we went out to search for Chinese Cuisine. It has been almost a week since we ate Chinese Food. We found this place located near the Firenze SMN. The food tasted so much better than our Crystal Jade and Din Tai Feng, definitely a must-try for Florence.
Hot and Spicy Soup(EUR4.00 for a mini bowl!)
Yang Chow Fried Rice(EUR3.80)
Gong Bao Chicken(EUR6.80): Too oily for my liking
Oyster(EUR8.00 for 4): I know it’s weird to have Oyster in Chinese Restaurant, but their Oyster looks so yummy and fresh that it’s hard to resist! Thrumbs up for this!
Beef with Onion(EUR6.80)
Garlic Sauce Prawn(EUR9.00): One of the best prawn I’ve ever tried!
We ended our day very early because we have a local tour at 8am tomorrow for Tuscany!
The day where I was most looking forward too! Our One Day Best of Tuscany trip in Florence. We brought the trip via Viator and it was totally worth it. I don’t need to say more words, let the photos show you how beautiful Tuscany is.
First Stop at Sienna, a little town with about 100,00 population. It was a quiet little town like those that you read from story book coming alive in front of you.
Our next stop was a wine yard at Tuscany where we learned how wine was brew, cows were being brought up and so forth. We had a lunch there too facing the scenery hills.
We brought a bottle of Virgin Olive Oil for Jie to do some cooking, she likes it a lot but we didn’t had the chance to try it till now.
Our next stop was San Gimignano another small city with the world’s best ice cream and the world’s champion ice cream. The ice cream was the only highlight of this city as there’s nothing much to walk around.
Our last stop was Field of Miracles where the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We had the chance to take a CHOO-CHOO train to see the Pisa Tower.
Our hotel in Florence was Hotel San Giorgio and Olympic. We were quite shocked by how old the place was as compared to our previous hotel in Rome. But it was comfortable enough for us to stay over for 2 nights.

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