Rome, Italy (03/08 – 06/08)

It was about 1.00pm when we arrived at Rome Airport. The clearance came as an amazing experience, after we alighted from the plane, we just have to show them our Singapore passport then we were allowed into Rome! There were some tourists from other countries that require some checking and stamping. One more reason why I love Singapore!
There are 2 options that you can choose to go to Termini Station(Which is the central of Rome train) before moving to your destination from there.

1) Tram(Estimated about 45 minutes) – EUR 13.50 each(You have to carry your luggage up and down the many steps in the station).

2) Bus(Estimated about 30 minutes) – EUR 5.00 each(You just need to drag your luggage to the bus interchange outside of airport, wait for the tour bus to come and fetch you all the way).

We have decided to choose bus because of the convenience and price. There are many bus company, choose something that is more reputable like Terravision. Just head to their booth and tell them how many tickets you want and the counter person will provide you with instructions on where to wait for the bus.
After dropping off our luggage and settling down in the hotel, it was already 4.30pm and we were both hungry! We decided to walk to Termini Station for McDonald’s Early dinner, shopping at grocery and walking around the place.
I-MAC burger with BEEF and Mozzarella Cheese. Wins all the burger that SG MAC is selling, wish they can come up with something similiar over here. 
After our early dinner, we went to walk in Termini Station and I find it quite nice to have so many shops in a train station. We found a very big supermart(Conad Drug Store) located at the basement of Termini Station selling food and drinks at a cheap price and below was what we brought:
6 Bottles of 1.5 litre of mineral water – EUR 2.40
2 Bottles of 500 ml of mineral water – EUR 0.82
Pringles(Salt + Pepper) – EUR 2.80
Pierre Sparkling Water – EUR 1.41
Lemon + Orange + Carrot Fruit Juice – EUR 1.35
Total spending in Conad – EUR 8.78
We rested quite early that night because of the adjustment to the timing for our Body Clock.

Our Hotel – Hotel Corot

Our hotel was exactly a 3 minutes walk from Termini Station and we managed to find in a short while. The common area of the Hotel looks pretty decent especially when there is a watch-man sitting at the front of the door everyday. There is free WI-FI too which you’ll find it useful because we relied a lot on that to stay connected to our family/friends back in SG and also for doing some research on places to visit too. The room is very acceptable because I’ve heard about how small the hotels are and I considered their room big compared to what I’ve heard/seen from friends.
Mini Walk-way from the door to our bed. We used this area to put our shoes and the many bottles of mineral water.
We don’t like this Queen size bed which is actually made up of 2 single bed. This is a common practice for hotels in Europe.
Shower Area is slightly small but nothing to complain about.
Toilet Bowl area, I can’t seem to figure out what is the thing next to the Toilet Bowl.
The very Big Cupboard which we fully utilize and made ourselves very much at Home.
After staying in this place for 4 nights, I highly recommend you to pick this. It costs us about EUR 71.50 per night for 2 which I feel that the price is reasonable.

Hotel Corot
Address: Via Marghera, 15 00185 Rome, Italy
Telephone: 06 44700900
We woke up early in the morning for the Hotel Breakfast that we have been looking forward to. The breakfast provided here is the best that we had for the whole Europe trip.
Brought a 5 day Pass for traveling around in Rome for EUR 16.00, this is very worth it because per trip cost about EUR 2.40.
Tomato Salad with Bread
Ham and Mushroom Pizza
Seafood Tomato Sauce Spaghetti
After lunch, we went over to join the Local Tour that we have booked online. The tour that we booked was from Viator which brought us to Colosseum and Palatine Hill. You can booked via HERE. It was quite a good local tour with a very friendly guide that explains quite clearly to us of what we are seeing. Definitely worth our USD 65.50.
Original Gate of Colosseum which the Royal Family of Rome used when entering the place.
Climbing down the steps. The steps are small and steep which makes them difficult to climb!
The place where the original seats were built.
The cross in the middle of Colosseum to commemorate the death of Jesus.
Nice view of the Colosseum from inside.
We proceeded over to Palatine Hill for Ancient Basilica, it was another long journey of walking and seeing of so many ancient buildings.  The red building at the top of the Hill is being designed and built by Michelangelo! 
Lavender Field, I’m quite surprised to see this beautiful piece of Lavender Field in the middle of Ancient Buildings.
After the many hours of walking, we still went ahead and visited the prime shopping area of Rome, Piazza di Spagna. It was located at the train station of Spagna. It was a weekend therefore the whole place was filled with police car and police horses. There are many international brands and some of their local brands. It was quite messy to walk around so you have to walk in a systematic way to avoid missing any lanes.
Shopping Loot for the day:
Grey American Heart Shape Top (From Brandy LOVE Metville): EUR 11.90
Black Shorts (From Brandy LOVE Metville): EUR 15.00
Grey Ribbon Vintage Bag (From Camomilla): EUR 42.00
Our first stop was Spanish Step, it was located just in front of Piazza di Spagna. I don’t know what is so special about this steps but apparently many tourists were taking photos there and we joined in.
Visited a few old Basilica and Pantheon Basilica santa Maria Ad Martyres. Being a museum lover, all these places just amused me even more, I will definitely be back again in the near future to admire their beauty.
Our last stop was the famous Trevi Fountain. Half of the Trevi Fountain was under renovation which was quite a sad thing. But still we managed to take some nice photos at the fountain.

We were really late and rushing like mad on Day 4 for our morning Local Tour for Vatican and St Peter Basilica. Thank God we made it on time not to waste (USD68x2)!

The altar built above the remains of Peter
The peep-through for Peter’s remain
It was lunch time after finishing the 3 hour tour around the historical place. We made our way back to Hotel to change into something more casual and went off to lunch at a must-try place in Rome, Meid in Nepols. It’s only a 7 minutes walk from Termini Station.
Saute Di Cozze e Vongole – EUR 9.50: Definitely MUST try, the best Vongole we have ever tasted. Every one of this seems to be of the same size and quality!
Spaghetti Alla Marechiaro – EUR 13.00: Spaghetti that tasted not bad.
Prosciutto e Funghi – EUR 8.50:
Via Varese 54, Rome, IT. +39 06 4470 4131
This sort of conclude my days in ROME. I really love ROME a lot for it’s rich history and ancient buildings.

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